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M. Ali Overing

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featuring earrings gifted by their kindergarten students

Hi there! I’m Ali Overing.

In my classroom, I aim to foster a creative and inclusive learning environment that values community and curiosity. Through cross-curricular, project-based learning experiences that center on student voice, I intend to foster in my students a desire for lifelong learning. 

I value student-led learning as a way to empower students and promote their autonomy. I believe that students should have the opportunity to take ownership of their learning and be active participants in the process. In my classroom, I strive to facilitate opportunities for students to engage in communal learning, exploring topics that are relevant and engaging in our rapidly changing world. I work hard to create an environment where students feel comfortable to express their ideas and opinions and take risks.

I am an active musician and artist and I believe in the transformative power of the arts in education. I value the arts as a way to promote creativity, self-expression, and collaboration. I love incorporating art into the classroom and using it as a tool for cross-curricular learning.


I am also a non-binary queer individual and I am deeply committed to creating an inclusive and safe space in my classroom for all students. I believe that diversity should be celebrated and that education should incorporate social justice into learning. It is my responsibility to create a space where all students feel valued and seen, regardless of their identity or background.

"I celebrate teaching that enables transgressions - a movement against and beyond boundaries. It is that movement which makes education the practice of freedom."
-bell hooks

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